Matt Payne Photography — Free Digital Wallpaper — Grand Teton Horses – Link below the blog post

By Matt Payne

For my first three days in Jackson Hole, at least as far as I was concerned, The Tetons existed only in theory. It was fall and the famed range had been shrowded in moody, low clouds. While it was a thrill to enjoy the park’s resident moose and thunderous herds of bison and elk in relative solitude given the off season, the idea of leaving without at least a glimpse of the peaks felt akin to going to a movie theater only to experience the popcorn. Thankfully, the morning of my departure, the clouds finally rose and as they departed so too did the Snake River’s role as the area’s primary attraction.

As a photographer, the Tetons are empowering to photograph but also wildly humbling. The range’s scope is such that one struggles to find a shot that a better version hasn’t already appeared on countless postcards and posters for a century. Fortunately, on this day, when the clouds broke, I stumbled upon this group of horses grazing in front of some low fog, revealing only the mountain’s peaks. I’d found the shot that I was looking for. The Tetons did exist and did so in a grand fashion. It was time to enjoy the movie.

I hope you enjoy the image as much as I enjoyed taking it!






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