From 405 Magazine: The Magic and Majesty of Iceland Waterfalls, geysers, geothermal wonders and more

By Matt Payne

Iceland's most visited waterfall
Iceland’s most visited waterfall

As we wound along Iceland’s otherworldly Snaefellsnes Peninsula toward the National Park of the same name, Gus, our tour guide and local native, explained, “In Iceland’s countryside, you might find yourself on a remote, straight road – and for no reason and for only a moment, the road will bend.”

Snaefellsnes, located on Iceland’s rugged west coast, is one of the country’s three National Parks, boasting not just dozens of glacier-fed waterfalls, but also the famed glacier-covered volcano that inspired Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth.

“The reason for the bend in the road,” Gus continued as the bus rolled toward the Atlantic, “is because without the bend, you would drive straight into the home of an elf.”  TO READ MORE, FOLLOW THIS LINK TO 405 MAGAZINE.